Ian Turner, Web designer and developer from Belfast, Northern Ireland.


Working with APIs

APIs allow our websites and apps to communicate with other applications on the internet, and are a great asset for a web developer. I've worked with a few APIs in both work and personal projects, including:

Building apps with HTML5

Building iOS apps is something that has always sparked my interest, however the thought of having to learn Objective-C from scratch was a daunting one.

Then I discovered Phonegap - a framework that allows you to build apps for mobile using the web technologies you already know: HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Since discovering this, I've developed apps for both iOS and Android, and am now hoping I can come up with my own million dollar idea.

Other useful links regarding HTML mobile app development:

Sugar Rush Creative

I currently work for Sugar Rush Creative in Belfast, Northern Ireland, designing and developing websites, bespoke management systems and mobile apps for both iOS and Android. You can see the work we do by visiting the Sugar Rush website.

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